Rocking Horses By Tom Cobley

Little did Tom Cobley know that when he made a
Rocking Horse for his youngest daughter in 1984 that
his life would become dedicated to Rocking Horses.

Those years of dedication enable Tom Cobley to present
his "Finest Rocking Horses" - his own unique range of
beautiful Rocking Horses of the finest quality, personally
designed in every detail.

Each horse is made from selected wood from our own stocks of seasoned timber to ensure high standards of quality and stability. We have designed our range with beauty and safety in mind.

Paying attention to the smallest detail, every horse is individually carved and finished by hand with loving care. We offer a large range of sizes, in both swing frame horse and on bow rockers, in natural wood or painted dapple finish.

Solid brass fittings, made to our own specification, together with highest quality leather and saddlery work all ensure that the horse will survive for generations to come.

Every Tom Cobley Rocking Horse has its own bridle set, stitched by hand in the finest quality leather. We offer a traditional fixed saddle where small children may play endlesly, and a detachable saddle made by a master saddler to our own original design, with a "true-to-life" wooden tree for authenticity and comfort, for riders of all ages, young and old alike.

Each beautiful "Tom Cobley" Rocking Horse is a unique creation and truly is "The gift of a lifetime!"